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The Pomeranian 'Uglies'

The 'uglies' or 'monkies' is a phase in a young Pomeranian's life that they go through. From about 14 weeks old, the fluffy adorable Pomeranian will undergo a metaphorsis of sorts where they will develop a monkey like face, revealing what will eventually be their adult coat, the will shed their puppy fluff, begin getting their adult teeth, some will develop longer muzzles, longer legs making them appear gangly. 

This phase generally lasts until they're 12 months of age, they will begin coating back up and then from 13 - 18 months have a junior drop - which is more noticable in female pomeranians, especially those who remain intact. 

The uglies/monkes can last for 2 years with most Pomeranians reaching full maturity at 3 years of age, where their coat cycle becomes much more stable/seasonal. 

The uglies should not be confused with Black Skin Disease. 

Below is an example of a Pomeranian capturing the stages of their uglies.

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