Pomeranian Club of NSW

Black Skin Disease

Black Skin Disease "BSD" or Alopecia 'X' is a hair loss condition which affects some Pomeranians, usually resulting in the thinning/balding of the rear and hind legs, sun exposure to the bare skin causes the skin to become thick and dark. It is currently called Alopecia 'X' as the cause of the hairloss is unknown. 

Most breeders will have experienced some form of Alopecia X, with no current test for markers, no breeder can claim that they are free of BSD. However, most reputable breeders will do their best to breed away from this issue, by breeding to proven dogs and lines. 

As there is no current test to confirm if a Pomeranian is suffering from BSD, most Vets will go through a process of elimination to determine if a Pomeranian is in fact suffering from BSD. 

There are other conditions in the breed which can cause hair loss eg. Thyroid, Allergies etc. 

There is also another form of Alopecia in the breed known as 'Clipper Alopecia' for this reason it is important to never shave your Pomeranian to avoid issues with the coat. (Unless for emergency reasons such as surgery)